Monday, 8 December 2008

Harvesting 'Ghosts'.

So is this an example of the roots of religion, the harvesting of ‘ghosts’ to make witch doctor’s potions? It is quite clear that before organized religion there existed a mixture of superstition, assorted worship and bazaar unrealistic beliefs. In some parts of the world, areas of Mexico and the Caribbean for instance, this type of mixture is still stirred in with mainstream religion, usually Catholicism.

But current media news points to an extremely sinister side of the extremities with which false belief can degrade the human species. In Tanzania, and to a lesser extent in some other African countries, albino people, locally called 'white ghosts', are being hunted down and their body parts sold to witch doctors who make potions from their hair, skin and bones which is believed will make the imbiber of these potions wealthy. There is a growing demand for the potions, and hence, the albino body parts.

Albinism is inherited. It results from a deficiency of melanin pigment which normally protects the skin of black Africans from the unrelenting burning of that regional sunshine. Albinos in Tanzania have an incredibly difficult life. Firstly, third world conditions make it a lottery for anyone to survive into adulthood. Secondly, their unprotected skin is left vulnerable to high-degree skin-burn and skin cancers. Thirdly, they almost all have impaired eyesight and many are almost blind. And to cap it all, they have the almost unimaginable insecurity of knowing that at any time they could be harvested for their body parts.

'How barbarous', we may cry, 'but it’s only Third World Africans'. But how many years ago was it when Europe was equally barbarious, and all in the name of Christianity? Looking at the timescale of the past forty thousand years of human history, you can see that it is but a mere wisp of time ago when Europeans were murdering and torturing women they imagined to be witches by burning at the stake. Also it was a time when the Christian Inquisition were murderously devastating the peoples of Central and South America, and when an accusation that you were aligned to the wrong religious denomination could result in your death in the most painful way possible.

It is true that in First World countries, religion has been pacified and brought into line with 21st century laws and codes of conduct. But this has been a gradual process and the Christian church has never been the most foregiving, politically correct, egalitarian, sexually equal, or foreward looking institution, though even less could be said for some other major religions. We should not bite our tongues. It is time to put pressure on all religious leaders and make them answerable to their 'crimes' of spreading dangerous mis-belief. They have gone virtually unchallenged for so many centuries. There has never been a more timely point in Human history in which the falsities of religion could be exposed to the masses and the iron sanctity of religious opinion ripped open to an onslaught of 21st Century reason. Let the "White Ghost's" Genocide not go in vain!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Computor Law

I can forsee a time. perhaps a very good time, when the whole world is run by the people, via a vast computer. We would need no governments, not even a World Government, although, a World Government would probably have to come first as part of the development process.

The evolution towards such a changed political scene would go something like this. The people of all Nations realize that they are being manipulated by an elite cartel of mega-wealthy individuals who control or coerce most of the National governments of the world. There is a gradual shift towards decentralization where local policy making and local economies gain precedence and break free of the influence and control of central government, and therefore, bit by bit, cut off the money supply to the Elite Cartel. Their standards of life and freedoms is greatly improved and they give out a signal to other, more politically backward people, to follow suite and combat the tyranny that they are living under in their own countries. Eventually, all or most of the peoples of the world are living in areas with decentralized power in which they have a real say in almost all areas of political decision making. The governments of individual Nations have become so weakened and the cultural differences of the world’s people have become so dissolved and homoganised through inter-communication and a common goal, that the inter-state borders between the Nations of the world become totally porous and pointless. The National governments appoint a World Parliament ( similar in function to the European Parliament centred in Brussels) and eventually the regional councils begin dealing more and more directly with the World Parliament and the National Goverments are dissolved and National borders removed. By now, because policy making is done on a local level, and people unhappy with their local situations are free to move somewhere else more to their liking, and because trade has been localized as much as possible for ecological reasons, there becomes little for the World Parliament to actually do. Items of important world political policy begin to be voted on, not by polititians, but by the people of the world via the internet. Eventually, the powerless and redundant world parliament is replaced by a giant super-computer which allows the whole of the world’s population to govern themselves via their pc’s. A mega-super piece of software becomes the Law of the world which is controlled by everyone.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The Entity

From now on, unless otherwise indicated, I will refer to all the following as ‘The Entity’: God, gods, Allah, The Buddha, Universal Unconscious, Ghosts, The Spirit, The Godhead, The Creator, The Universe (when not physical universe), The Bhraman and etc etc.

Please note, this is in no way an admittance that ‘The Entity’ actually exists, but a declaration that , should it exist, it’s Nature would be totally beyond our human ability to conceive, and certainly it would be nothing like the primitive concept of God or gods which mankind has persisted in hanging on to for some thousands of years now.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Curious Comparison between David Icke and Adolph Hitler.

From time to time someone always seems to come to prominence who proclaim themselves to be a new Messiah. David Icke is one such modern example, and to make a point, I will try to demonstrate that there is quite little difference between him, and an Ogre such as Adolph Hitler. The following text will hopefully illuminate this point.
David Icke and Adolph Hitler do have more than just one thing in common? For instance, they both arose from futile former professions to become highly influential and egotistical public speakers; David Icke dropping out of top-line football due to rheumatoid arthritis and Adolph Hitler dropping out from his vocational passion of painter/artist due largely to a lack of talent in that line of work. Furthermore, they both have possessed moving oratory powers and spectacularly charismatic personalities having attracted huge crowds to their meetings and amassing a veritable bounty of followers. Also they were both raised as Christians and have both stood accused of being anti-semetic. Moreover, they have both achieved worldwide notoriety and fame at roughly the same age and whilst David Icke rose initially to become the leading light of the British Green Party, Adolph Hitler's rise was to command the National Socialist Party of Nazi Germany; which was, inccidentely, extremely ‘Green’ for the period of the 1930’s.

But perhaps the most sinister of all these similarities is that they both have pedalled delusion based on ‘voices’ which both have admitted 'hearing' in their heads. And masses of otherwise sane human beings believe, or have believed, each and every word that has been uttered. Both of these twisted-brained men have, as a main-pin of their ravings, one thing the same. And this is DISCRIMINATION. Hitler discriminated and nurtured hatred towards the Jews, the Gypsies, Homosexuals and the disabled. Icke is nurturing hatred and discrimination against almost anyone he doesn’t happen to like and just about everyone in power. His main rantings proclaim that various elite families possess an alien-reptilian bloodline which allows them to transform between human and reptilian shapes. Amongst many more, the Bush family are cited as being shape-shifters; as are the Rothschilds, the Windsors, the Rockefellers, Tony Blair and Henry Kissinger.

The only real danger in all this ridiculous nonsense is that thousands, if not millions, of people around the world are taking what David Icke is saying for real. Like Charles Manson, Hitler, The Yorkshire Ripper and, most likely Jack the Ripper, such delusion can so easily subordinate any solid sense of actual reality in a susceptible human mind. The artiste and performer Tom Waits has a song called ‘Anything you can Think of is True’. This is good fun in a song, but in the functioning world, if anything you can think of is true, then it becomes only a small step to believing that ‘NOTHING MATTERS AT ALL’ and then the follow-up can easily become ‘I CAN DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING BECAUSE NOTHING MATTERS’. It really doesn’t take an abnormally high IQ to realize where this progression could lead to - possibly Armegeddon. We could all guess that Adolph Hitler would have loved to have possessed David Ickes sublime ‘Aryan’ good looks and fine stature. The major difference that I can see between the two is that Hitler is dead whilst David Icke lives on.