Monday, 24 November 2008

Computor Law

I can forsee a time. perhaps a very good time, when the whole world is run by the people, via a vast computer. We would need no governments, not even a World Government, although, a World Government would probably have to come first as part of the development process.

The evolution towards such a changed political scene would go something like this. The people of all Nations realize that they are being manipulated by an elite cartel of mega-wealthy individuals who control or coerce most of the National governments of the world. There is a gradual shift towards decentralization where local policy making and local economies gain precedence and break free of the influence and control of central government, and therefore, bit by bit, cut off the money supply to the Elite Cartel. Their standards of life and freedoms is greatly improved and they give out a signal to other, more politically backward people, to follow suite and combat the tyranny that they are living under in their own countries. Eventually, all or most of the peoples of the world are living in areas with decentralized power in which they have a real say in almost all areas of political decision making. The governments of individual Nations have become so weakened and the cultural differences of the world’s people have become so dissolved and homoganised through inter-communication and a common goal, that the inter-state borders between the Nations of the world become totally porous and pointless. The National governments appoint a World Parliament ( similar in function to the European Parliament centred in Brussels) and eventually the regional councils begin dealing more and more directly with the World Parliament and the National Goverments are dissolved and National borders removed. By now, because policy making is done on a local level, and people unhappy with their local situations are free to move somewhere else more to their liking, and because trade has been localized as much as possible for ecological reasons, there becomes little for the World Parliament to actually do. Items of important world political policy begin to be voted on, not by polititians, but by the people of the world via the internet. Eventually, the powerless and redundant world parliament is replaced by a giant super-computer which allows the whole of the world’s population to govern themselves via their pc’s. A mega-super piece of software becomes the Law of the world which is controlled by everyone.

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